Porsche Design Tower

We sourced a stunning 25-foot-long live edge tree trunk for the Porsche Design Towers in Miami. This extraordinary solid piece of wood had to be installed as the building went up to accommodate its size. We added a cantilevered piece in the same material to meet ADA compliance. It’s a Wow moment every time people walk into the common area and see this grand bar.

PORSCHE <em>Design Tower PORSCHE <em>Design Tower PORSCHE <em>Design Tower

Moskowitz Dermatology

A teak root sculpture that is over 22 feet long was sourced for a dermatology doctor's office to be a wow focal point behind the receptionist's desk.

Moskowitz Dermatology Moskowitz Dermatology Moskowitz Dermatology Moskowitz Dermatology

High Point University

12’ Nutcrackers stand tall during the holiday season and cover the High Point University campus. Students and the local community have the opportunity to gather and ride through the campus. These are popular “Instagram moments” for students and visitors alike.

High Point University High Point University High Point University

Hall of Fame

The American Home Furnishings Hall of Fame was built to showcase and honor the people and companies who have set the foundation for the industry. We had the opportunity to furnish the conference room with 8 straight edge tables from our Origins Collection of one-of-a-kind wood that is sustainably harvested. The space was designed with the ability to rearrange the table configurations as needed. Located in High Point, NC, the building is meant to be utilized and enjoyed by all.

Hall of Fame Hall of Fame

Childrens Museum

Phillips Collection takes pride in backing local community organizations. The Nido & Mariana Qubein Children’s Museum offers children and families an enriching environment for exploration and learning. We proudly sponsored their outdoor exhibit, which showcases six life-size dinosaurs meticulously crafted with realistic colors, textures, and features. Witnessing the joy on the faces of children and families as they engage with our exhibit in person is truly a dream come true!

Childrens Museum Childrens Museum Childrens Museum

Grandover Resort

Located off of I-40, the luxurious Grandover Resort is located right here in the Triad.  A popular destination for local residents and visitors, Phillips Collection has outfitted the hotel with many iconic products.  See our chainsaw sculptures and galloping horse sculptures made with metal pipes as you enter the property.  Our log side tables sit outside the elevator, landing on each floor, creating a consistent look wherever your room is located.  Their beautiful spa is filled with lots of Phillips Collection products, from our statement wall flowers to the wood screens that separate the spa beds. You also recognize our origins wood tables as conference and catering tables too.  We are very proud of how everything looks in this beautiful resort.

Grandover Resort Grandover Resort

A Special Blend

A local coffee shop in the Triad of North Carolina employs adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a setting that interacts with the community. The interior spaces showcase many Phillips Collection products. Featuring Chamcha Wood Bistro tables, chairs, accent tables, and more.  Stop by for a cup of coffee and a 
friendly smile.

A Special Blend A Special Blend

Revolution Mill

Revolution Mill of Greensbor, NC, opened in 1898 as one of the country’s first flannel factories and has been transformed into modern-day apartments, restaurants, workspaces, and medspas. Our Colossal Bar Console is featured in the common area when you enter the lobby of a newly renovated section of their sprawling campus. The entropy chairs and framed coffee tables are featured in front of a med spa, and everything selected gives the space a very boutique feel–exactly what the client was going for!

Revolution Mill Revolution Mill Revolution Mill

Bieninstock Library

Designers, scholars, students, and local communities can visit and enjoy being inspired by the history of past treasures created by artists and designers in the industry going back to the 16th century. The library features rare book collections, hand sketches, and furniture details. We had the opportunity to showcase our crazy wire figure collection in the main entrance area and also be able to share with the community the rearing horse pipe sculpture in stainless steel outside.

Bieninstock Library

Congdon Yards

Fully renovated and transformed from Factory Mills to a new destination to work, gather, and innovate.  Congdon Yards was designed to be a space where people in local workplaces and communities can come together for business or a change of scenery. Along the space features a straight edge one-of-a-kind wood dining table and Chamcha Wood console from our Origins Collection. Throughout the space, there are accent tables and an unforgettable sculpture, our black sheep!

Congdon Yards Congdon Yards Congdon Yards